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Stonedine VS Flavorstone Cookware





This article is about As Seen on TV cookware. A category of kitchen products sold online that interest many people. I have written a review based on the opinions of others and I about both cookware sets.

Stonedine Cookware.

The reason why Stonedine has a great selling pitch is because the brand developers of Stone Dine have taken the concept of European natural stone cooking and made into a selling feature of this cookware set. The selling concept is that this non-stick cookware is infused with stone qualities that will give your meats a natural stone taste.

However, the trial price is what deters a lot of customers right away. The trial price of the Stonedine set is quite high compared to other cookware sets sold on infomercials. The trial period of 30 days will cost you 29.95$ plus shipping handling which is a whopping 25$. Cookware for a trial period of 50$ is not cheap at all. However for the trial period you get Stone Dines “10 times stronger and will last you 10 times longer ” 8 piece cookware set that includes 1 roasting pot,1 cooking pot, 1 saucepan, 1 stewing pot, 1 frying pan and 3 glass lids. All with a breathable 12 year warranty.

The 12 year warranty is great and allows the customer to have peace of mind but according to research all non-stick cookware should be replaced every 3-5 years if proper care is not taken.

Non- sticks pans do scratch and the non-stick coating can break down if proper care instructions are not followed. Once should never heat non-stick pans over medium burner setting and most non-stick cookware come with instructions to precondition the pans before using it to help protect and prolong its use.

Common online reviews conclude that at first  Stonedine cookware cooks food extremely well. I also found the cookware to do well with sticky foods like cheese and chocolate. But soon enoug the cookware coating started to fade off even when using woodbine spoons and silicon scrapers. Eventually the breaking down of the non-stick coating also caused poor heat distribution.

There have been complaints about returning the product and having a new one sent to them only to have that happen again. Customer service is not very helpful and ignoring ones calls and emails proves that purchasing Stonedine Cookware is a frustrating matter.

Flavorstone Cookware Set.

Flavorstone Cookware is currently popular in Australia, thus a lot of reviews and comments are posted from the Aussies. However, most reviews seem to be either neutral or fairly positive.  The common reason among the reviews and comments for Flavorstone’s gaining momentum is for its quality and responsive customer service agents.

The cookware set itself can be purchased for a trail period of 14.95 $ with no shipping and handling in North America which is very affordable.

The weight of the actual cookware is heavy and sturdy and the handles are screwed on tight. You cannot transfer this pot in the oven because of possible heat damage (you can forgot about making frittatas). The glass lids of the Flavorstone is fitted and made of superior quality. I dropped the lid from my counter top, by accident, and it did not shatter.

The cookware also comes with a free thunder power stick was great at making sauces or mash potatoes. I was glad that gift came long free, and it also came with a recipe book. Even though most of the recipes in the book are not entirely creative I tried two of the recipes, which proved that there are no hot spots when cooking because the heat is evenly distributed.

Flavorstone Cookware comes in blue to promote the notion that the coating is tough as blue sapphire diamond. The blue coating actually makes the cookware aesthetically pleasing. I take the cookware out on the patio or on the dinner table and serve straight from there.

However the biggest con to Flavorstone Cookware is that it only comes with a one year manufacturing warranty. A short warranty with options to expensively upgrade makes a customer nervous and re think the purchase, something I did. However when I decided to try the trail period out, I was soon quite happy with the purchase and decided to keep it.

Quite a few reviews also state the Flavorstone Cookware does not let you buy individual pieces. However this is wrong, after reviewing all Thane Direct websites ( the makers and distributors of the Flavorstone) you can purchase individual pieces at fairly good prices.

Overall, I and majority of cookware reviewers find Stonedine cookware to be full of marketing coys then actual quality. The Flavorstone Cookware on the other hand definitely surpasses its label as As Seen On TV cookware and can be compared to the quality and durability of other retail brands. Purchasing the right cookware set can be costly, make sure you do your research and look up reviews and comments.


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One thought on “Stonedine VS Flavorstone Cookware

  1. Janice on said:

    Thanks for the review – I have been considering which to buy – veering towards FlavorStone. In Stone Dine’s info they don’t tell you the price in their adverts, which made me instantly suspicious. I saw FlavourStone’s ad this evening and have been checking reviews. They seem the answer to what I need, no more frozen foods/microwave dinners.

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